Pigs in progress



Video / Installation

Dur. 12:17 min, HD colour, sound

The video installation Pigs in Progress connects the issue of the current gentrification processes of Berlin, where long term tenants are moved out of the city centre to provide profitable housing space, with the experience that house owners in the wealthier suburbs have with wild boars in their gardens, the boars claming back “property” that has been taken away from them.

The tenants’ concerns about losing their homes and the house owners’ worries of being invaded by wild boars were audio-recorded and then later re-presented via the technique of lip-synching. Honeit performed this piece for video by sitting on a chair in between two actual wild boars in the forest on the outskirts of Berlin.

M. Gericke
Kotti & Co
Residents of “Am Eichkamp”

Katja Anzelewsky / Sarah Thom

Post production
Emma Cattell

Pigs in Progress was part of Kerstin Honeit’s solo show “say it like it is” which premiered at the Berlin Gallery Weekend 2013, presented by Gallery cubus-m, Berlin.